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Biking with Motley Timer

Here is how one users uses Motley Timer’s …

I like to really push myself when doing my biking at home. I usually do 30 minutes, of which half is done out of the saddle in power mode. I use Motley Timer to keep my on track with this. 
Motley Timer actually tells me to Stand and Push. Then when to sit down. It makes my routine easier. 

-Motley Timer User

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Motley Timer

Motley Timer Released

Motley Timer iPhone app was released this week! Motley Timer is your ultimate countdown timer app designed to make managing multiple timers simple and efficient. Cycle through timers and improve productivity in various aspects of your life.

Key Features:

  • Create multiple timers that cycle through until you stop
  • Specify the number of times the cycle should repeat
  • Manage your time better during workouts, stretching, or any other activity
  • Get notified when the next exercise set or timer starts

Go Premium and Unlock:

  • Add names to the countdown timers
  • Create unlimited named timer sets
  • Set any timer set as the active one
  • Enjoy audio notifications for seamless time management
  • The audio notification is the name of the timer, so it can say things like, “Sprint”, “Rest”, etc.
  • Save and load your custom timer sets with ease

Try Motley Timer today and experience the convenience of managing multiple timers in a single app!

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